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Did you know that I also have a Lego addiction?  Yup, so when I heard about American Girl Mega Bloks, I had to jump on them.  I found 4 sets on toysrus.com, and bought Saige’s Art Studio, Isabelle’s Studio, Grace’s 2-in-1 house, and Nicki’s Horse Stable.  Here’s the box for Saige’s set:


I was super excited to get to play with Girls of the Year who have been retired. Even their original outfits!

The box opened over the face. I dumped the pieces inside while I built.


And here’s a photo of the instruction book. It’s bound instead of stapled, and it has some pieces from the character’s story and ideas for play.


So far I’ve built 3 of my 4 sets, and I’m pretty pleased. I still like Lego better, but the sets exceeded my expectations, until I think about how they cost as much as Lego sets of similar size. But if I put a price on using the American Girl brand it evens out. I’m ready for more sets. I think Kanani’s would be pretty awesome.

And look how cute these sets look in my current Lego town:


Clockwise from the top, that’s Anna and Elsa’s Arandelle castle, Saige’s Art Studio, Grace’s Patisserie, Grace’s room, the Big Bang Theory living room, Isabelle’s Studio, and Sheriff Woody’s office. In the center is a Lego Friends market and Jungle treehouse, with Grace ziplining across the street to her room.

I think I’m gonna go build the 4th set! Bye!


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