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Clementine the doll, from A Girl for All Time, came out 2 years ago.  But her book was just released this summer!  I finished reading it a few weeks ago and I really really liked it!  It was so nice to get to know Clementine better.

This book is my favorite of the 3 A Girl For All Time books.  It has a mystery element, but we are spared the topics of toileting and taxidermy, so it’s much less creepy than the other two.  The author, Sandra Goldbacher, has a screenwriting background, so her writing is delightfully concise, yet descriptive.

Isn’t this illustration gorgeous?

And we’re given an introduction to Lydia’s book, which will be published in 2016!  It’s called Lydia in the New World.  She goes to Boston and meets a Native American.  I wonder how Lydia gets to America in the 18th century, and at what point the Marchmont family returns to Britain, where Clementine lives.

I also wonder if Sam, the next character, is Clementine’s daughter or niece.  If Sam is a young girl in the 60s and Clementine grew up during WWII, then it adds up!  I wonder if Clementine will have a role in Sam’s story!  I know my Clementine doll is excited to pass the key to the Marchmont trunk on to Sam, who should be here by the end of the year.

I still wish the A Girl For All Time collection had more clothes, because the few outfits each doll has are all beautiful.  I want more!

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Check out what my dollies are up to this weekend!  Here are Amelia and Clementine enjoying an ice cream treat.  Doesn’t the backdrop look amazing?  It’s from Samantha’s Scenes and Settings.  The table and ice cream are from a set from American Girl–2007 or so.  Adorable! ice cream parlor 001

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Matilda is the first doll in the A Girl For All Time line.  She lives in Tudor England.  Her cousin is Katherine Howard, the 5th wife of Henry VIII, and she is invited to join her court.  Here she is in her costume for the masquerade ball:

a girl for all time costumes 001


And here is her new friend Clementine (who finally arrived last week!) and her Victorian friend Amelia, all in their fancy costumes.

Marjorie Oct 24

Isn’t Clementine’s boa adorable?

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Today we meet Amelia Elliot, a beautiful girl from Victorian London. I bought her from www.agirlforalltime.us and she is gorgeous.  She has a book called Amelia’s Inheritance.  She arrived at my house on the day before Thanksgiving 2012.  A Girl For All Time is a pretty young company, and right now Amelia only has 2 outfits (3 if you count the outfit she comes in), but they’re both great.  Her Victorian Party Dress looks great in front of the new Gala Party Scene from American Girl:


And here’s a closeup of her beautiful rosy cheeks:


I love these dolls, and the whole idea of the A Girl For All Time line.  I can’t wait for Clementine to be released this September, and whatever dolls will come after that.

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Julia’s wearing the same dress she wore last week, but this week Amelia and Matilda from A Girl For All Time borrowed a couple of Julia’s dresses (Matilda’s wearing the dress Julia came in and Amelia’s wearing the Edwardian Tea Dress).  Julia is about 2 inches taller than the A Girl For All Time dolls, but only a little bit fatter, so the dresses fit pretty well.  Tea Party Time!


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Here’s a picture I took this week that shows the diversity of my doll collection.

everyone 001

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Amelia  and Matilda got dressed up yesterday!  Amelia is dressed to dance on stage, and Matilda is ready for a masquerade ball.  Looks like they’ll put on an interesting show!


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I got the book Amelia’s Inheritance in the mail on Monday. I haven’t finished reading it yet, and so far it’s a little bit creepy. There’s still hope for a happy ending though. Soooo different from an American Girl book.

The most exciting part is the blurb in the back of the book, announcing the next Girl For All Time!

Clementine Harper is 12 and attending Madame Pearl’s stage school in Finchley when war breaks out in 1939. When the air raids start to hit London, she is evacuated to the country. Arriving in a tiny Devon village, clutching her gas mask and tap shoes, she’s allocated to an eccentric widow’s isolated house in frozen wintry woods. Clemmie is enchanted to meet another fish out of water, Giesella, a sophisticated Jewish girl, and they become soul mates immediately.

Giesella’s family are still in hiding in Berlin in extreme danger. If only they could raise the money to help them escape….They decide to put on a show, bringing together other evacuees, people from the village and the eccentric Mrs. Milvaine. It’s a shining sparkling, homegrown revue; a wonder amidst the darkness of wartime.

But will their plans to rescue Giesella’s family succeed?

I’m so excited! I wonder how long we have to wait. I think she’ll have red hair, which will make a great friend for Emily. I hope she has good clothes. I’m sure a tap dance costume will be made, like Molly as Miss Victory! The “eccentric widow” makes me think of Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It sounds like this book will be a little bit creepy too.

I looked on the A Girl For All Time website to try to learn more. They didn’t have any more information about Clementine (which by the way reminds me of Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind), but they did introduce us to other girls! Elinor Your Elizabethan Girl, Olivia Your Restoration Girl, and Sophia Your Georgian Girl. So excited!

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It took more than a week to get here, but Julia is finally here. She’s a Carpatina, and her dresses are amazingly gorgeous. So much detail! It made them a little hard to put on. And in my opinion, her hair is too long. It keeps getting in the way, and it’s already much less smooth than it was when she arrived. But she is soooo pretty!




her long hair


here she is in her undies, hair pulled back



Tudor dress


with Matilda, a Tudor friend


Grand Duchess


boots with the Grand Duchess dress. I love the tassels!


Elizabethan ball gown


1860s Blooming Rose


Edwardian tea dress


Victorian bustle back dress (and Amelia in her Victorian party dress)

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I finally got a chance to take more pictures of Amelia and Matilda. In case you don’t know, Amelia and Matilda are from A Girl For All Time. They’re a UK company, but they also have a shipping center in the US. I got both dolls and all their dresses shipped for $20. So the dolls represent different periods of British history. Matilda goes to the court of Henry VIII to be near her cousin Katherine Howard (Henry’s fifth wife–beheaded), and Amelia is a Victorian schoolgirl (her book isn’t available in the US yet). I really liked Matilda’s book. It’s a lot more mature than American girl; Matilda’s cousin is beheaded and has to sleep with the king after all. Though it does talk about the Tudors’ bathroom habits more than I’d prefer. I’m beyond excited for Amelia’s book and more dolls in the line. They’re gorgeous! Their clothes are exquisite! Stay tuned for pictures of their other dresses.




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