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My American Girls are trying on Maplelea clothes again! And this time they are wearing all the available outfits from Taryn’s collection.


And they fit!  Let’s go through them.

Nicki is wearing Outdoor Odyssey. The Maplelea girls usually wear this outfit with the sunshine shoes, but those were a no-go on Nicki. The clothes fit well though.


Mia is wearing the Pack-it Jacket. It fits well, and she loves the turquoise color.


Grace is wearing Close Knit. The jeans went on okay, but they were right in some spots, yet baggy in others. It was a bit odd.


Sonali is wearing Wild Rose and McKenna is wearing Garden of Discovery. Sonali could get the shoes on, but they’re not the right size.


Next up is Saige is Stampede Style. Same shoe issues as always, but otherwise adorable.


And we have Nellie in Green Team, an easy fit.


Addy loves Taryn’s pajamas, but the slippers wouldn’t stay on at all.


And we’ll finish up with two adorable winter outfits.


I’m a little surprised that all of these outfits fit. Both Charlsea and Saila’s collections had a couple outfits that didn’t work very well for American Girl dolla, but all of Taryn’s outfits work. So what’s your favorite Taryn outfit?

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Wellie Wishers are new from American Girl–they’re about 13 inches tall, all vinyl, and designed for smaller hands. I don’t live near an American Girl store anymore, so the only way for me to see these girls in person was to order one. I chose Camille.


I chose Camille because she’s blond like me. And I liked her even more when she arrived and I discovered the little freckle by her eye.

I call this my first Wellie Wisher post because this is the only photo I have so far. I picked Camille up from the post office on the way to work, and I snapped this photo at work. I expect more photos to come because she’s so cute…and because I ordered all 4 of her friends. They’ll be here next week.

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Disney Attractionistas

These 6 girls come from Disney World. I actually bought them online after I got back from my trip in February. From left to right their names are Pearl, Celeste, Gracey, Nellie, Maddie, and Carrie. Here are the descriptions I copied off of their boxes.

Pearl is an adventurer at heart. It seems she is always off to some tropical destination. On her many travels–with her parrot, Jolly Roger, in tow–Pearl comes back with a story for every treasure she finds. She’s always coming up with new ways to accessorize her cute outfits with her latest acquisitions. On board her favorite attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl can usually be heard “yo-ho-ing” right along!

Although she loves the fireworks at Disney Parks, Celeste feels nothing can match the light show that is our galaxy. Through her telescope–with her greyhound Rocky by her side–she gazes at stars, planets, and her favorite attraction, Space Mountain. She is very scientific and loves learning how Disney Parks are created. Her dream is to design and build a way to the stars and beyond. Each time she blasts off on Space Mountain, she feels one small step closer.

Gracey loves the night and the things that go bump therein. She enjoys being different, but Gracey is always there when her pals need a kind, reassuring voice in scary situations. She is also a killer interior designer. Along with her trusty bat Grimm, she can decorate a room that’s “to die for!” At the Haunted Mansion attraction, the Ghost Host and the singing busts are just like old pals that she feels like she’s known for an eternity.

Since her childhood expedition to the Belgian Congo, Nellie has been a nature girl. She and her tabby cat–also named Congo–find natural beauty everywhere, from rolling landscapes to bouquets of flowers. Nellie is a friend to all animals, so naturally, her hobby is wildlife photography. On her many Jungle Cruise Attraction journeys, she dreams of her next expedition to a far off land to photograph some new friends.

When London-born Maddie first set foot on US soil with her white rabbit Sugar, she was delighted to find America just as whirly-twirly as it is across the pond. She loves to spin around and say silly rhymes, so she’s right at home on the Mad Tea Party attraction! At 4pm, of course, her spinning stops for a proper spot of tea, scones and finger sandwiches. But any other time, look for a blur of pastel hair circling the Mad Hatter’s teapot–it’s Maddie having another right jolly romp!

Horses and her faithful dog Calliope are what equestrian Carrie loves. She also revels in the elegant fashion that is associated with the premiere horse shows and racing events. As graceful on the ballroom dance floor as she is riding in competitions. Carrie believes that for every “down” there’s an “up!” She is the epitome of grace and beauty; that is why the girls usually find her aboard a Disney Parks carousel, her snow-white hair swirling along with the steeds.

These girls are still looking for a nice place to live in my house.  They don’t really stand on their own, and most of their outfits prohibit them from sitting.  So they’ll probably live in a pile somewhere.  I think they’re lucky to have been freed from a box (some of my dollies are still in boxes from the move)

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Well, I brought Molly on a vacation to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona. We touched on parts of Route 66, but it was hardly the route 66 adventure I imagine Molly took with her family in the 40s. But I packed her route 66 dress just in case. She also packed a couple of hiking outfits, because a lot of hiking was planned. So much hiking. That’s what I get for letting a boy come on vacation with me.

Vacation started in a city with cheap airfare…Las Vegas. We stayed at the Paris, so Molly borrowed Grace’s t-shirt.


We wandered across the street to the gardens at the Bellagio





And a couple more photos back at the Paris:



That evening we hiked around Red Rock Canyon outside of Vegas (Molly changed her clothes; I didn’t but should have!)


And the next morning we drove to Sedona. It snowed a lot (I didn’t know it snowed in Arizona at all, let alone in late April), and it was windy. I mentioned that the weather made me crave a blizzard, and bam! a Dairy Queen appeared in the middle of nowhere, Arizona:



We survived the blizzards made of both snow and ice cream and finally arrived in Sedona. We got lunch and explored town, waiting for the weather to improve before hiking. It did slightly. We got in one hike in that day.



The next day we went to the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once before on a tour bus, but this was my first time in our own car, so we saw parts I had never seen before, like this Desert View monument:






It was crazy windy. Look how askew Molly’s braids and glasses are in this photo!


The next two days were spent back in Sedona, doing an insane amount of hiking. It was beautiful but exhausting. Molly is so lucky she got to spend most of it in the car.



And I think we need to close with a photo of the humans on the trip:


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It’s been a while. Again. I wanna thank everyone for sticking with me, and new friends who are discovering old posts. I feel like I have a pretty good excuse for being away because I moved away. I hope to get more posts in now that I’m settling in to a new home and a new job. I owe you a vacation post from before I moved, and I think I owe you a Wellie Wisher post too. But today you get a moving post.



Dolly lovers will recognize some of the boxes in the moving photos. It was hard work to move this many collectibles. I’m so lucky to have a bunch of friends move at the old house and the new house. Here’s a photo of my smaller helpers playing in my new front yard:


And some additional shots of this beautiful area I’ve moved to:


I hope to see you again soon!

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