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Ever since I posted old vacation photos on Monday, I’ve been yearning for another vacation!  Too bad my boss is failing to approve any vacation requests.  So, let’s look back on the adventures that my dollies and I have been on over the last few years…

February 2013, Seattle with Leonie


April 2013, Tulip Festival with Brianne


April 2013, Oak Harbor with Saige, Elizabeth, and Mia

oak harbor 035

May 2013, Disneyland with Mini Kit


June 2013, Chicago with McKenna


June 2013, Mackinac Island with Caroline

mackinac island 018

July 2013, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia with Jenna

August 2013, the state fair with Brianne


September 2013, Rieke came home with me from London


October 2013, Albuquerque with Saige

November 2013, Disney World with Mini Dolls






January 2014, New Orleans with Cecile

March 2014, Seattle with Henriette

henriette 006

March 2014, Bellingham with Ruthie (and Valerie and the twins)

adventure to bellingham 002

adventure to bellingham 005

adventure to bellingham 014

adventure to bellingham 020

adventure to bellingham 021

adventure to bellingham 052

April 2014, UW and a Mariners Game with Sonali



April/May 2014 Maui with Kanani


May 2014, pageant in Texas with Kit


pageant 070

July 2014, Whistler with Taryn

whistler 066

July 2014, Nauvoo, Illinois with Chrissa

illinois 022

August 2014, the zoo with Jess

October 2014, Manitoba with Saila

December 2014, the ballet with Isabelle

January 2015, Sing-a-long Sound of Music with Kirsten

January/February 2015, Disney Cruise with Grace

Where to next?

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So, I bought Jenna a boat.  Technically it’s Caroline’s boat, but I bought it for Jenna.

I got the boat for half price from the Today show steals and deals!  I also got a Julie doll for my coworker’s granddaughter, who will be turning 11 in June.  $55 for Julie and her patchwork outfit!  I’m so excited that I got in on these great deals; I know a little girl who will be so so happy.  And, Jenna gets a boat!

Jenna loves boats because of her hometown Lunenberg, Nova Scotia.  Let’s flash back 18 months or so:

In July 2013, Jenna and I visited Lunenberg, Nova Scotia and other destinations in Maritime Canada.  Lunenberg is one of Nova Scotia’s gorgeous natural harbors.  The Bluenose II, the boat on the back of the Canadian dime is docked in Lunenberg (though it was in the shop when we were visiting).  Of all the trips I’ve been on, this one is still my favorite.  To quote the Anne of Green Gables movie, “years from now I’m going to look back on Green Gables as a beautiful dream that will always haunt me.”

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Maplelea Monday

Here’s another short post: Jenna in the new Endless Tennis!

I’ve got an all-doll photo shoot going on right now. Stay tuned!

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Here’s the end of my color series–6 Maplelea Girls in purple.

maplelea purple 002

Alexi in Positively Peaceful

Jenna in Saila’s outfit

Saila in Flower Power

Brianne in Blueberry Mist

Taryn in Uptown Girl

Leonie in Plum Princess

Which color was your favorite?

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No, we’re not sad, but we’re wearing blue!

maplelea blue 001

Alexi in Slam Dunk, Leonie in Melody in Blue, Taryn in Summerhill Stroll, Saila in Jenna’s original outfit and Sports Energy Pack (this outfit has recently been through a much-needed update), Jenna in her snowsuit, and Brianne is wearing Taryn’s outfit (which is a bit too pale for Brianne).

I’m going on vacation tomorrow!

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Green Team is the name of a Taryn outfit (that Alexi is wearing today), but it is also the name I have given to the Maplelea Girls today, because they’re all wearing green.

maplelea green 002

Taryn in Tulip Royale, Jenna in Free to Be Me, Alexi in Green Team, Leonie in Gaggle of Glee, Brianne in Happy Tap, and Saila in Apple of my Eye

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It’s been a month, but the girls switched from orange to yellow!

maplelea orange and yellow 009

Taryn–Outdoor Odyssey

Jenna–Soccer Supreme

Saila–Jenna’s Field Tripping (original version, current version has short sleeves)

Leonie–Alexi’s Sunset Sundress (she wore that last time too!)


and Alexi in Pelee Pizzazz

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Last week red, this week orange.  I love these girls’ outfits!

maplelea orange 002

On Saila: Pelee Pizzazz

On Brianne: Sizzling Breeze

On Alexi: Alexi’s meet outfit

On Leonie: Sunset Sundress

On Taryn: Cabbagetown Karma

On Jenna: Alexi’s pajamas

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The Maplelea Girls are all in red today!  Here is Jenna in Landmark Lore, Brianne in Montmorency Waltz, Leonie in j’adore la musique, Alexi in Crochet Coordinates, Saila in Pop Star Plaid, and Taryn in Leonie’s Meet Outfit.  These are all Leonie’s outfits, but I think all the girls look lovely in red.

maplelea red 002

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Today Jenna is wearing a Leonie outfit called Landmark Lore.  The outfit comes with a t-shirt, shorts, sandals and a bag–everything she needs for a day of sightseeing.  In fact, the journal pages that accompany the outfit talk about sightseeing landmarks around Quebec.  Jenna’s ready to go–33 days ’til Hawaii!


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