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Julia got 12 new dresses from Carpatina. Here is one of them.


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This cutie has been on my amazon wishlist for months, from the moment I saw her.  Pinkalicious has been a favorite book for eons at Becky’s house, since her daughter was 2.  I love it too, and I went to Pinkalicious the Musical in Toronto.  Here is Madame Alexander’s version of Pinkalicious.  She is fitting in nicely with the other Madame Alexanders at my house–her new best friend is Madame Alexander Ugly Betty.

pinkalicious 001

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I didn’t throw back very far this Thursday–these are the limited edition summer outfits for Cecile and Marie-Grace.  They came out last year, and they’re already retired.  So here are Josefina in Marie-Grace’s Summer Outfit and Addy in Cecile’s Summer Outfit

Wednesday March 27 004

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As you may know, I got my bonus at work. I spent a significant portion of it on dolls. I’ll show you which ones as they trickle in from different sources and different shipping methods. Brianne came first, and I already posted about her. Last night one box came from amazon. In it were Caroline’s paper dolls and Mini Ivy. Here she is alone, and with her Mini family.



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Hello from Brianne!

Brianne wanted to say “hi” and “my socks are awesome”. Yes Brianne, your socks are awesome.



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Brianne came on Saturday!  She is the last of the Maplelea girls to arrive at my house.  She has blond hair and blue eyes and comes from rural Manitoba.  Her favorite color is pink and she wants to be a farmer when she grows up (or maybe a ballerina).  Here’s my whole group wearing some of Brianne’s new clothes.  Jenna is wearing the Horse Lover Hoodie, Saila is in the Medieval Princess costume, Alexi in Super Splendiferous, Taryn in Tea Time Terrific, Leonie in Ribbons and Lace, and Brianne’s outfit is called Sun Day.  Happy Monday!

brianne's arrival day 017

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I’m away from home today, so I couldn’t take a new picture today, so I searched through the iPad and found this old picture. I think it’s from 2006. The title of the picture is 3 dollies in new clothes. Marisol is wearing the gorgeous flapper costume, Kit is in her scooter outfit, and Molly is in her roller skating outfit. They are sitting on my orange Ikea couch in my teeny tiny apartment in Ohio. I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore!


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I took this picture of Taryn last night to model the purse that came with Sweet Saxifrage–I think it looks like she’s digging for her keys.

Taryn in Sweet Saxifrage 006

Keys to what?

Taryn in the VW 001

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Happy 17th of March.  Remember to wear green.  Here are the Maplelea Girls all in green.  The American Girls are all in green too–check out my new header.  It’s the photo I entered in dolldiaries’s Going Green photo contest.  I used panorama mode on the camera–that’s why it looks curvy.

Maplelea Green 005

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Throwback Thursday

There have been way too many soccer outfits from American Girl over the years, but this one is my favorite. Not pictured are the trophy and good sport certificate that it came with.

Soccer Star


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