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I think Tabitha wins the “Most Loved” title in my house full of dollies.  I stole her from my sister when I was about 3.  We were inseparable for quite a few years, and she’s still around.  She’s been wearing a Brownie uniform for about 15 years.  I bought it for Molly because it said it was for 18-inch dolls, but the large waistband make it much more suitable for Cabbage Patch Kids.  And I think it’s fitting that Tabitha, my Chocolate Baby (that’s what I called her when I was 3), is wearing a Brownie uniform.

dolly t-z 001

I’m pretty sure Tabitha is the reason why this Bitty Twin is my favorite:

dolly t-z 002

I think I’m gonna go to the store and get brownies now.  Have a nice day.


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Dolly A-Z: Sabina

Meet Sabina Barbara, one of my “newer” Cabbage Patch Kids. My sister got a new cabbage patch kid when she went away to college, so on one of the trips out to see her, I got one at the same toy store. That was sometime between 1993 and 1997. So Sabina’s not exactly a new doll.

I snapped a quick photo of Sabina near my cute pink Christmas tree:


Have a nice day!

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Dolly A-Z: Miles

This cutie patootie is named Miles. I’ve had him as long as I can remember. The sailor outfit he’s wearing is homemade by my mom, and I’m pretty sure he stole the jacket from my sister’s doll named Cromwell. But I’m not sure, because I can’t remember what outfit Miles came in, so it could very well be his jacket. Doesn’t matter. He’s cute.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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I saved up my allowance when I was about 10 years old to buy Julie April. She is a Pretty Crimp N Curl, with fun wiry hair. This is the outfit she came in, including the diaper, but I’ve lost all her hair tools: the comb, the curler, and the crimper. She usually wears her hair in some sort of braids, but I decided to make her hair silly for the photo.


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Joni is a preemie. And she’s orange. I’ve had her as long as I can remember.


Her dress is filthy and her face has scratches on it, but I love her anyway.

An amusing story about Joni:

There was a girl in my preschool class named Joni.  I remember this because she had the same name as my Cabbage Patch Kid.  Freshman Year at the University in statistics class we were in small groups, and we went around the circle saying where we were from.  After I said “Shoreline”, this girl named Joni said that she went to preschool in Shoreline.  I say.  “I remember there was a girl in my preschool class named Joni because I have a Cabbage Patch Kid named Joni.  It’s the only name from preschool I can remember.”  Joni had our class picture and confirmed that she is the same Joni from preschool!

I don’t have Joni Ernestine’s birth certificate anymore, so I’m spelling her name the same as Joni from that statistics class, who told me her mom spelled it like Joni Mitchell.  And I could be completely wrong about her middle name.  My sister might remember better.

The End.  Have a nice day.

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Here’s a picture I took this week that shows the diversity of my doll collection.

everyone 001

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This is Tabitha. She is also known as Tab-up and My Chocolate Baby. Here is her life story.

It was 1985 (I think). Everyone wanted a cabbage patch kid. My poor mother could only find one, which is hard when you have 2 daughters. She gave it to my sister, because at 10 years old she was more into the hype and needed the doll that everyone else wanted. I was 3. I just wanted a doll.

So I stole it from my sister. The story goes that I did not let go of her for months. I have the black eye in the picture from the leg of the piano and the defense of my dolly property. I’m pretty sure my sister still resents me and my mother for letting me keep her doll, even though my sister got her own cabbage patch kid eventually. But Tab-up is mine.


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