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Throwback Thursday

It’s Lindsey, girl of year 2001! (that’s the very first girl of the year!)  This is the outfit she came in, and her scooter, helmet, and wrist guards.

Lindsey 007

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Maplelea Monday

The inspiration for this weeks Maplelea Monday came from my new friends on the Friends of Maplelea message board (if you love Maplelea you should join us at friendsofmaplelea.proboards.com. The board members are super nice. This week a few we’re complaining about how cold it is, and they were complaining in Celsius! So the star of this week’s Maplelea Monday is the metric system! As a pharmacist I use both on a regular basis, here are the facts I keep in mind:

The break even point is -40. -40C=-40F, which if I recalled was the temperature in Winnipeg last week.
Water freezes at 0C and 32F
Water boils at 100C and 212F
Room temperature is 25C
Body temperature is 37C

1 tsp=5 mL
1 Tbsp = 15 mL
1 fluid ounce = 30 mL
1pint = 473 mL
and a gallon is just under 4 liters

A kilogram is 2.2 pounds

10 miles = 16 km

With a calculator, those figures should get you anywhere in Canada.

And here’s another picture. The girls are in the same outfits as last week (baby shower last night was super fun)


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The American Girls are also all in pink for the baby shower on Sunday. Here is the outfit I picked for throwback Thursday. It’s amazing. Be jealous of me if you don’t have it.

This is Ballet Outfit I. I think at one point it was called Sugar Plum Fairy. It was one of the first outfits available for American Girl of Today. It is beautifully beaded and comes with the tutu, tights, wand, crown, wings, slippers, and a tiny Nutcracker program (not pictured). It is the fanciest outfit ever made by American Girl, and still one of my favorites.


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Amelia  and Matilda got dressed up yesterday!  Amelia is dressed to dance on stage, and Matilda is ready for a masquerade ball.  Looks like they’ll put on an interesting show!


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Don’t panic–I’m not expecting.  I’m hosting a baby shower at my house, and the girls are getting dressed up.

Here are Jenna in Leonie’s Cirque du Monde, Alexi in her Cabbagetown Karma, Taryn in her Wild Rose, and Saila in Maplelea’s Tickled Pink.

Let’s throw in some facts about the Wild Rose that Taryn’s outfit is named after:

Provincial flower of Alberta

School children chose the wild rose as Alberta’s emlem in the 1930s

Rose hips are a good source of Vitamin C

015 016 017 012

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Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday! I already posted a picture of Kirsten in this dress on Tuesday, but it’s so adorable, so I’m posting it again. This is her baking dress. I bought it before I had a Kirsten doll because I thought it was so cute. It looks pretty cute on Molly with her braids too. The dress came with navy blue hair ribbons, but my Kirsten is still wearing the ribbons she came in.

She’s standing next to Molly’s table, covered in a tablecloth my mom made, Kit’s glassware, and the waffles from the breakfast in bed set I got this year on Cyber Monday. These items aren’t exactly a throwback, but they coordinate with Kirsten’s Baking Dress, and my mom has been dying to know if the tablecloth fits on the table. It does!

Gotta go to work now. Ick.


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Saige’s Hot Air Balloon

Can you say excessive? Good thing I have tall ceilings.


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