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I’m going to Maui today! Kanani is packed and ready:

I’m not bringing the laptop, so we will be absent from My Dolly Addiction for about a week, but you might get another iPhone snapshot or two. Aloha!


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1 day ’til Maui!

I’m going to Maui tomorrow!!!!  Have you figured out which dolly is going with me yet?  It’s not Saige, who’s wearing Kanani’s meet outfit today:

hawaii bound 005

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I’m going to Maui the day after tomorrow!  Felicity is ready for a luau:

hawaii bound 006

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Nellie would like to say “Aloha!”  Only 3 days left!

hawaii bound 004

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Lanie is wearing American Girl’s Island Vacation Outfit.  4 days ’til my Island Vacation!

hawaii bound 002

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5 days ’til Maui!

Sorry I missed this morning. Brianne is ready for Hawaii in this adorable floral dress (Maplelea’s Summerhill Stroll). Sorry all you get is this low-res photo.


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I’m going to Maui on Saturday!  Here’s the last swimsuit, Sonali wearing Molly’s 1944 swimsuit:

beach day 003

And a swimsuit recap.  Which one’s your favorite?

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