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New American Girl Stuff!

Well 2011 is almost here, so that means new American Girl doll!

Girl of the Year 2011 is going to be Kanani.  She’s Hawaiian and beautiful.  I was worried she would look too much like Sonali or Jess, but she’s more like a mixture of all of them.  Almond-shaped eyes that are GREEN!  And she has highlights in her long curly hair.  Beautiful.

I’m more excited because I heard there were new outfits for Molly and Rebecca and Josefina and Kaya (and maybe some of the other historical girls).

It also looks like we might get new historical dolls in 2011.  They’re doing 25th anniversary mini dolls, and the case holds 12, one for each month, but there are only 10 historical girls so far…

Wait, that’s wrong.  There are 10 out right now.  If you add Samantha and Nellie that’s 12.  Darn.

1. Kaya

2. Felicity

3. Elizabeth

4. Josefina

5. Kirsten

6. Addy

7. Samantha

8. Nellie

9. Rebecca

10. Kit

11. Ruthie

12. Molly

13. Emily

14. Julie

15. Ivy

Okay, so I counted my dolls wrong.  So if you subtract the friend dolls there are 10.  So by that logic we’re getting 2 different historical dolls, not just friend dolls?

I can hardly contain myself!  So exciting!!

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