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Dolly A-Z: Kirsten

Kirsten was one of the three original American Girls, but I didn’t get mine until fall of 2009. Now that I think about it, Kirsten is the first American Girl I ever heard of. I remember in 2nd grade, a girl named Kiersten had the book Happy Birthday Kirsten. But I didn’t know it was a whole series until about a year later. And a year after that I saw postcards in the books that they had dolls. And it was still a couple years more before I knew there was a whole line of dolls and I got my first catalog. And in a few (let’s say 20) years after that, I got my 30th American Girl doll.

Kirsten and Addy were my 20th and 21st American Girl dolls. If I recall, I ordered her just a few weeks before they announced her retirement. I remember thinking, wow, I’m glad I finally decided to buy her. Like yesterday’s doll Kaya, I am also surprised that Kirsten’s braids are still in good shape. Here’s what she’s wearing this week:


Kirsten likes this outfit because it’s blue and matches her hair ribbons.  But my favorite Kirsten outfit is this one:


This photo was taken on our way to Ikea (Kirsten and Ikea are both Swedish).  I loved that dress so much, that I bought that dress before I had a Kirsten doll.  Molly just didn’t pull it off as well, though.


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